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What actually is ORGANIC? Why is it so popular? And why choosing organic can be one of the best decisions you'll ever make when it comes to your little one.

Apart from being Environmentally Friendly and Sustainably Sourced, Organic baby clothing materials are free from pesticides, toxic chemicals and other harmful substances which can be found in most synthetic materials. Organic fabric has the durability that most other fabrics don't. Its free from uncomfortable interior stitching to avoid unnecessary skin irritation and promises comfort & softness for your precious infants' skin. Put simply, this means none of those itchy, scratchy tags up against the skin. All mothers can relate to a feeling of helplessness when a baby is trying to communicate that something is wrong. You know how frustrating it can be yourself when a tag is itchy and scratchy at the back of the neck area. Sound familiar?

All we want to do is rip that annoying tag off & get rid of it - don't we? Poor bubs can't tell us that though, so when we find bubs being irritable or having a little cry and we just can't work out why that is. And maybe they've just been freshly changed, fed, burped & couldn't possibly be tired after that long nap. That then leaves us wondering what possibly might be the cause for what's upsetting them.

They can't tell us if the tag on the clothing they have on is annoying their little necks, or the stitching up against their soft skin is causing them discomfort. You'd be surprised how frequently the material or tag can actually be the cause!

Organic cotton & materials are for happy days, snuggles, a good night sleep... and a very happy bubba.

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